The "FIESTA VIII" Raffle for the Vintage,

World War II Era, M-1 Garand Rifle

was held as originally scheduled on

Saturday, July 4, 2020.

The Grand Prize Winner...



Donna Felberg-Palmer (left) pictured with the Grand Prize, Vinatge, WWII era, M-1 Garand Rifle, won during the 


Sponsored by the El Paso Chapter of the 82nd Airborne.

Husband Troy is seen at right with the rifle which is now

part of his private collection of historic weapons.



WWII Commemoratives

The chapter previously, welcomed members, dignitaries, family members and friends, to honor World War II Veterans (from all campaigns), with a tribute for their dedicated service, and personnel sacrifices, during a most tumultous period in world history.


A Well Deserved Celebration to Honor the Service, and

Remember The Sacrifices, of World War II Veterans!

The organization would sponsor three (3) World War II Commemorative Events each year.  Starting with the commemoration of Operation: "OVERLORD," the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, France, this event was held in the month of June.

Veterans of all branches of the military are represented during the commemorative events as all veterans of the World War II era, are invited to participate.

In the month of September, a commemoration of Operation: "Market Garden," the Allied advance into Holland, would be celebrated.

The final World War II commemorative event would come in the month of December when the chapter would remember the historic: "Battle of the Bulge."

Each of the commemorative events would feature keynote speakers to include U. S. Congressman Beto O'Rourke, and various other dignitaries of the local community. Also featured were varoious dignitaries from Fort Bliss, Texas, to include various Garrison Commanders and the Battalion Commander of the 93D MP Battalion, Jeremy R. Willingham.


In 2016 however, the commemorative events were combined into one, with World War II Veterans (all camapigns), honored during a D-Day Commemorative/World War II Veteran Recognition Celebration.

Because of the large crowds, the celebration was moved to the


And, in conjunction with the National Park Service, the events were staged at the larger facility.


Photos Courtesy of the 93D MP Bn., Fort Bliss, Texas

The event commenced with the presentation of the "Colors" and sounding of the National Anthem.

At left, Leon "Uncle Sam" Blevins (EPCC Prof.), leads the assembly in the "Pledge of Allegiace".

Chaplain, LTC (Ret.) John Szilvasy followed with the opening Prayer!

Chapter Chairman, Jesus Bravo, welcomed dignitaries, veterans, members, and guests, to the celebration.

Photo: Ruben R. Ramirez, El Paso TIMES

Guest of Honor, U. S. Congressman, Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas), recognized the members of "The Greatest Generation" and thanked them for their Meritorious and Exemplary Service in support of International Freedom & World Peace!


Keynote Speaker, LTC Jeremy R. Willingham, BN. CDR., 93D M.P. BN., Fort Bliss, Tecxas, spoke on the significance of the service & personal sacrifices, of the WWII Veterans.

The veterans listened as they were praised by each of the visiting dignitaries.

82nd Airborne Photo by Martin Rodriguez

Ms. Stephanie Valle (Anchor, KVIA ABC-7 "Good Morning El Paso" and co-host of the Noon Show), served as the Guest Orator and recited the poem: "A Soldier Died Today" (a.k.a. "Just A Common Soldier").

93D MP BN Photo

Rev. Dougla P. Davis, Sr., introduced and explained the significance of the P.O.W./M.I.A. Taable (a.k.a. "America's White Table").

Mrs. Kum S. Medina (center, with photo of spouse), receives the accolades for the military service of her disabled veteran spouse, Jose Concepcion Medina, from Col. Willingham (left).

93D MP Photo

The Video version of the "Armed Forces Medley" was played honoring the veterans of all Branches of the U. S. Military.

Photo: Martin Rodriguez, 82nd Airborne

LTC (Ret.) Bob Chisolm (left), and Dr. Joseph Torres, prepare to cut one of the three cakes served during the social gathering, to conlcude the celebration. Ice cream and refreshments were also served to everyone in attendance.

Fellow vets demonstrate their support of WWII Veteran, Dr. Joseph E. Torres (center).

Family members and friends gathered with the WWII Veterans for various photo opportunities, during the social gathering.

Photo courtesy: 93D MP BN.

LTC (Ret.) Bob Chisolm (left), combat veteran of WWII, Korea & Vietnam is pictured with event sponsor, Chris Harris (center), and LTC Willingham, CDR., 93D M.P. BN., during the social hour.

And to NEVER FORGET, all of our HEROES, who never returned!

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